• Man Dealers

    9 Mar 2020 by

    It has been six days since I started to work at this new place located on the Lagos Island. Trust, the Lagos Island is a big intricate city. With tightly spaced interconnected streets, colonial buildings and skyscrapers, a person can easily lose their way. I lost my way. I remember that at one point, coming… Read more

  • New Podcast Alert

    9 Feb 2020 by

    I have been waiting for a good time to share some of my works on YouTube and follow up on my attempt at podcasting which I started last year. I remember stating that no one owes you anything but I have been waiting to make a better recording, etc. Here’s another strike at doing something… Read more

  • Heightened Awareness

    1 Jul 2020 by

    These days, I noticed a few changes in my own life which I think, if you really check, you’ll probably find true for you as well. I’ve noticed that whenever I get a phone, I have a heightened sense of immediacy. Here’s my theory. We get used to having what we need at our fingertips… Read more

  • Why it hurts

    19 Jun 2020 by

    It hurts for the same reason it excited. It hurts because of dopamine. It hurts and here’s what I mean: You hold on to a dream you’ve seen And through all the happenings You hold cos to leave is sin Yea, you argue. Yea, you win. But in practice, all you think Is in motion… Read more

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