What’s Right and What’s Right for You

Magic, a British reggae boy band, sang that “expectations can make you believe/that what you desire is what you need.” The truth in this statement can’t be underplayed. Our desires make us see blessings as disappointments. It’s the case where a man who wins a Vintage Rolls Royce would be mad that he didn’t win a Mercedes E Class car.

This happens to us every time but not always in obviously ridulous ways. I made a new friend on the bus ride home, her name’s Zain, while writing this and I asked her what she’d pick between a bible and a gadget that costs five times more. She said she’d rather have that Bible. Then I told her to consider that the gadget could have been resold and the Bible bought with that money would leave change enough for four more… But everyone has different tastes so that everything can be eaten.

Many of us would rather chase people who are also chasing other people. Many go for interviews and get rejected, unaware what unforeseen tragedies they may have been rescued from. Recently, like I’ve been saying, I’ve been reviewing a lot of things and my social and financial lives have been on the top of the list.

Thursday. I was in school on a regular week day for the first time since the semester began and my best friend, to be known as the Dreadlocked Goat, and I were catching up. Of course, we spoke about women and money; I got thinking how much of both I was lacking.

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m fresh out of introversion so naturally I’m cautious. I’ve been reaching out to people from the past who still think I’m boring and new people who haven’t been very responsive. Speaking with my best friend almost had me relapse into thinking that things were my fault. Maybe they are, but I realised a new way to overcome that feeling.

I decided to try but not kill myself. Realising that comparison is compulsory, I’ve decided to compare me today with what I was yesterday. To not overthink things (perhaps the most difficult). To think that everything I didn’t get wasn’t gotten for a reason in the bigger picture. I’ve especially gotten proof of the last one. I invite you to try and make some connections between the aforementioned.

It may be hardcore delusion to reason down that line yet I’d ask like you to answer a vital question. Would you rather overthink things and ultimately sink into depression or delude yourself into happiness? There’s a difference between what seems right and what’s right for you. Happiness looks good on you.

Good night.