• New Podcast Alert

    9 Feb 2020 by

    I have been waiting for a good time to share some of my works on YouTube and follow up on my attempt at podcasting which I started last year. I remember stating that no one owes you anything but I have been waiting to make a better recording, etc. Here’s another strike at doing something… Read more

  • Journal Entry 5

    25 Feb 2020 by

    I know a church sister That does not drink water Fasts each day and after You have to go find her Singing hallelujah In church or at prayer She is a church worker. She does no work at home But obeys the pastor And would not raise a foam The size of a critter Or… Read more

  • Tonight…

    24 Feb 2020 by

    People often forget that what we share is “reality” not the type of. We all live alternate realities irrespective of how similar they are. Yes! Science and its crazy -ists are correct. Everyone out here is living a life affected by you, and me and you. Okay, basically, what affects you, how you perceive it… Read more

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