Do you want a safe place?

Here, everyone is human before they are anything else. It is the place where you are taught and not shamed.

What do you stand to gain?

Drawing from personal experience, you arrive answers from more relatable perspectives. You are permitted to view yourself from a purview that does not condemn you but relieves you of the weight of guilt.

You are unleashed into the world, knowing that your problems are not peculiar and that since the writers can make sense and beauty out of it, so can you!

How we help?

You can relate to the stories here, because they are based on the authors’ own life and drawn from their imagination. Even stories of defeat can be sources of inspiration for you because of the way that they are crafted.

Here, nothing is a waste and your pain will not be a waste if you can maximise its utility. Learn how to do just that by sticking around.


You are welcome The Umunna. Here, home is everywhere.

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Oloye Emeka